Life Insurance-yog koj paub tsis meej hu rau kuv mam tham thiab tshab txhais rau koj.

Kuv sau tau policy rau lav Minnesota-Wisconsin thiab rau California huv tib si.

Hu rau kuv ua ntej koj txiav txim siab yuav ib hom insurance twg.

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Neng Xiong

United Central Insurance is an independent agency since 1998 and offers life insurance in many states.

We offer universal, whole life, simplified whole life, term and term w/return of premium (when you outlive the term) life insurance at competitive rates.

Kuv Hais Lus Hmoob

23 Empire Drive Suite 120 St. Paul, MN 55103

Cell: (763) 438-6206 Bus: (651) 298-9700  Fax: (651) 298-9702

  License in WI-MN-CA

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    Low monthly payments
    Premium will not increase
    Death benefit will not decrease
    Extended maturity option
    Accelerated death benefit
    Guarantee issue death benefit up to $ 50,000 (available in
        some states)

    1-85 years old < 100,000
    No medical exam (interview may apply)
    No blood test
    No urine check

        "We protect your family and secure your future."